Please note that in season 2021 the delivery of some services will be changed. Please check our safety protocols for Cronwell Resort Sermilia here.

Due to its location, Cronwell Resort Sermilia is an ideal destination for business travelling, offering great options for seminars, small conferences and presentations of all kinds. The 55 sq.m. conference hall accommodates up to 40 people. Our signature Bucephalus hall is a piece of designer art, the soul of the hotel and its main attraction. This beautiful atrium hall is used as a free art space, suitable for creative  installations,  paintings exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts, conferences and presentations.

Bucephalus was the name of the horse of Alexander the Great and one of the most famous actual horses of antiquity. Bucephalus served Alexander in numerous battles. The legend of Bucephalus grew in association with that of Alexander. Bucephalus is referenced in art, films and literature.